EVOTECH website calculates the total amount of your delivery in relation to the country of destination and the total weight of the products ordered.

The value of the shipment will be showed after you have selected one or more items and once you selected the shipping address. The cost of the shipment depends on the destination so you need to be logged in to see this value.

Before sending the order please check the accuracy of your destination address.

DELIVERY TIME Orders will be dispatched from Evotech’s building in 15 working days.

DELIVERY COMPANY Goods are dispatched ex factory (at buyer’s risk). The Buyer has to inform Evotech of his usual forwarding agent. If the customer does not have a particular forwarding agent then Evotech will deliver the goods through their own courier, all expenses will be charged to the customer. These charges will also include packing expenses.

EVOTECH S.r.l. never asks you money about mistakes made by our staff, but if your address is wrong, additional costs could be added to the total amount.
The forwarding company will ask you a signature for the receipt of the goods and they don't accept appointment for delivery. They don't work on Saturday and Sunday.
If you are not at home when the delivery comes, you will find a ticket with the contact of the delivery company. Call them to agree a new delivery.

Please for any problems contact us directly!