dynamic handling triple clamps


Triple clamps: the dynamic handling of a motorcycle can be customized operating on the triple clamps offset (the distance between the conjunction of the axles of the two forks and the steering pivot). It can change the trail and the pitch of the motorcycle varying the bike’s performance.

evotech shirt

From a partnership with Alpinestars we have created the “Paddock Line” branded Evotech! Men and women shirts are available. Contact us for info and prices!




Sprocket & pinion: for all who are looking for maximum performance. They must conside that the sprocket and pinion diameters can change the dynamic handling and performance of the motorcycle. For example, in low powered motorcycles, having a larger sprocket than a smaller one, involves a lower frictional force because the load is distributed over several teeth.

Logistics and administrative Evotech Team

We present the administrative and logistics staff of Evotech!

catene corone pignoni variazioni di rapporto


Variations: changing a pinion tooth, the variation of the ratio is, approximately, about twice the variation that will be obtained by changing the sprocket tooth. In addition, a greater variation can be obtained by changing a pinion tooth than a sprocket tooth.

brevo pm3 2020

Our latest 2020 Brevo PM3 is ready for the new season on track! This time in an awesome black livery!!


Transmission: if you are a lover of overtaking in the wake, we recommend a longer gear. If, you need a greater acceleration, mount a bigger sprocket, but remember that it could decrease the maximum speed on the straight! even the presence of wind will force you to mount a shorter gear.

Ducati Streetfighter V4S

Here we are! In the last few days our technicians created a new product line for Ducati Streetfighter V4S! For this model we are offering: CNC machined tail tidy, frame sliders, inspection phase cover, dashboard protector, kick stand pivot screw, ergal bolts kit! Soon available in our online shop www.evotech-rc.com

lubrificare la catena


Lubricate: to keep a performing chain, it is necessary to lubricate it every 300km. The grease must be carefully applied on the internal side. Centrifugal force will spread the grease onto the rest of the chain.

catene corone pignoni

Check: not everyone knows that these three components are not consumed selectively but uniformly. The worn chain stretches and the teeth of the sprocket and the pinion thin. For this reason, during the check, it is highly recommended to replace all 3 elements instead of only a single part.

our technicians

Evotech products are designed and manufactured by our professionals. Our technicians are ready to solve all technical problems!

suspension anomalies


Anomalies: it can happen that some air goes in the suspension system. The air could expand itself because of the increase of temperature causing the emulsion of oil. The piston, that no longer finds the oil, slides for a certain distance with less resistance and then starts braking suddenly. This causes an intermittent functioning even though sometimes it’s not so perceptible.


KTM superduke 1290 R tail tidy

We present to you the brand new tail tidy for KTM Super Duke 1290 R!

manutenzione monoammortizzatore


Monoshock: particular attention should be paid to this component. We suggest to check it periodically. A new motorcycle should also be carefully checked because there could be some emulsified oil. This problem often occurs as we can see in the racing world like MotoGP, Moto2, … where the check is being made every day.

triple clamp kit yamaha r1 2020

The kit includes a top yoke, bottom yoke and a steering pivot. The kit also includes 2 sets of bushing of unusual shape (conical & oval) characterized by two offset values. This peculiarity completely eliminates plays between the top yoke and the steering tube giving them a excellent rigidity. This choice was born from a series of dynamic tests performed by some Superbike world experts. Three different set up can be selected according to the desired handling.

manutenzione ammortizzatori


Maintenance: it is important to remember that suspension have to be inspectioned every 2 years or at 18.000 km for a normal use. if you use it on track, remember to make a check once a year. For a racing use make the check at the beginning & mid season. The inspection include: oil change, cleaning, adjustments, seals and tolerance check.

Manufacturing of top yokes

We are producing top yokes for dream motorcycles!! A little preview for you!

liquido freni

When you open a bottle of brake fluid, what is left over should be transferred to a smaller container so that there is no air inside. Indeed this would compromise the fluid. After its handling, it is recommended to wash your hands with water as the fluid is highly corrosive.

 KTM 1290 super duke R 2020

We are working on a new product line for the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Model Year ’20. Tail tidy CNC machined, radiator grid protection, frame sliders, GoPro support, and the other usual components for KTM are soon available. Hydraulic preload adjuster are being evaluated.

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liquido freni aggressività


Not everyone knows that brake fluid is a particularly aggressive substance. All the components that are part of the circuit are made of specific materials such as for example the rubbers which are of EPDM type. For this reason, particular attention should be paid to using products of the same material during maintenance.


frenata dot umidità


Brake fluid humidity, in most demanding brakings, turns into water vapor with consequent lengthening of the braking distances. As DOT and boiling point increase, tendency to retain humidity also raises, therefore a DOT 5.1 should be replaced every 6 months, shortly for a DOT 6.1, that is after each race.

sesto step ciclo ossidazione fissaggio

Sixth step del ciclo di OSSIDAZIONE

FIXING: the first method is a cold fixation consisting of a Nickel Fluoride solution that penetrates the pores. The second consists of immersing the piece in an aqueous solution for 1h at 100 ° which transforms the aluminum oxide into aluminum hydroxide.

quinto step ciclo ossidazione coloritura

Fifth step of the OXIDATION CYCLE

COLORING: thanks to the previous phase, the color is deposited inside the pores of the oxide. The organic dyes remain trapped defining certain color tones, according to dyes quality and immersion time.

quarto step ciclo ossidazione anodica

Fourth step of the OXIDATION CYCLE

ANODIC OXIDATION: the reaction occurs by using direct current. The time required to complete the process may vary according to the thickness desired. The density of the current used accounts for 1.2 amps for each square decimeter of immersed surface and it is supplied with a 16 volts voltage.

terzo step ciclo ossidazione brillantatura

Third step of the OXIDATION CYCLE

BRIGHTENING (for shiny pieces): a redox type reaction takes place through the use of acid products at a temperature of about 100°. By selectively dissolving the asperity of the surface, the roughness is  reduced thus increasing material shininess.

secondo step ciclo ossidazione sgrassatura

Second step of the OXIDATION CYCLE

DEGREASING: the piece is cleaned through products with slightly alkaline pH. It is conducted at a temperature of about 60 ° and it can be assisted with the use of ultrasound waves to detach in a better way even the most stubborn grime.

contest girls on the road

Evotech gives to ALL GIRLS who love motorcycles the opportunity to win a € 100 voucher to spend on your favorite Evotech accessories!


1 - Send DIRECTLY to us a photo of you and YOUR MOTORCYCLE during one of your favorite TRIP.

2 - We will upload all competing photos on Tuesday 28th of April.

3 - Share our post about your competing shot on your INSTA stories and tag us.

4 - The photo that gets more LIKES at 13.00 by the end of Tuesday 5th of May wins the 100€ voucher.

The voucher can be spent on our website www.evotech-rc.com within 31th of December 2020.

step ossidazione agganciatura pezzo

First step of the OXIDATION CYCLE

PIECES HOOKING: the equipment attaching possibilities to the piece are defined considering its aesthetics, dimensional tolerance and the piece position during treatment.

our brand new packs

Evotech presents you the new packaging. It has been redesigned to offer a better usability experience!

ciclo di ossidazione

OXIDATION PROCESS of Evotech products: hooking of the pieces, degreasing, brightening (for shiny pieces), anodic oxidation, coloring, fixing.

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We are always working! But this time from home.

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ergal versus inox

STAINLESS STEEL has a better traction resistance than ERGAL, which has instead a yeld strength higher than the one of STAINLESS STEEL.

top & bottom yoke for yamaha r1 2020

The design of the top & bottom yoke is finished! with adjustable offset, they are developed and tested on the track to improve performance.

Manufacturing will start soon!


stop deliveries

We inform you that shipments will remain active until tomorrow. Online orders will work as usual and will be dispatched starting from 6th April.

Upon our return all shipments will be organized in the shortest possible time. Thank you.

dashboard cover for yamaha r1

A new product for the fantastic Yamaha R1 2020. It is the aluminum dashboard cover with additional polycarbonate panel.

half handlebars

We will soon produce the half-handlebars. A replacement product faithful to the original as it uses the same material and design. It allows you to mount the controls without having to drill the piece. For all panigale v2 and v4.


Clip-ons with innovative grip system with multi-principle helical channels with double M6 screw on the tube and on the fork to improve the contact pressure compared to those fitted as standard and to the competition. It has reference notches to facilitate positioning.

Titanium screws are available as an option, the product will soon be available in our online shop.


3rd place contest evotech

3rd place for Alessandro Magliola, a student of Transportation Design in Milan!

PM3 motorcycles in delivery

Deliveries has started for our PM3, high performance motorcycles for the Pre Moto3 category. At the moment the numbers speak of 1 motorbike delivered to the Pos Corse Team which will be used together with the bike with which the Italian vice-champion of the ELF CIV 2019 Filippo Bianchi raced. For the Oscar Performance Team we are talking about 4 motorbikes on delivery that will be tested on Friday at the Vallelunga Circuit. But that's not all, other PM3s are in production and will soon be delivered to another team.

Yamaha R1

We are working on a new product line for the new Yamaha R1 Model Year ’20. They will available Ergal Bolts, Ergal Nuts, License Plate Holder, Engine Side Cover ecc.. The racing components such as the Top Yoke, Rearset and the Rapid Wheel Change System are being evaluated.

Visit our website www.evotech-rc.com

the winner of Evotech Contest

And the winner is.. Alberto Piovesan!!! Congratulations on winning the Evotech Contest

discount price

If your 1st order is over 200€ you get 10% (of the order value) to use on your  2nd order with minimum purchase amount of 100€!!

If your 1st order is over 500€ you get 15% (of the order value) to use on your  2nd order with minimum purchase amount of 250€!!


MBE 2020 Verona ci siamo

Vi aspettiamo al MBE 2020 di Verona dal 16 al 19 Gennaio! Padiglione 5 Stand 25M

call for ideas contest

Vi presentiamo i giudici che valuteranno i vostri lavori:


Biagio Calvaruso - Presidente Evotech

Matteo Tisi - Vice Presidente Evotech, ingegnere industriale dell'autoveicolo

Mirko Trentin - Perito Meccanico, valuterà la qualità progettuale

Gabriele Zotta - Perito Meccanico, valuterà la fattibilità produttiva

Emmanuele Parisi - Industrial designer, valuterà la qualità del design


Vi ricordiamo che gli elaborati vanno inviati alla mail callforideas@evotech-rc.it e che la deadline è prevista per il 18 Gennaio.

In bocca al lupo a tutti! Good luck!

call for ideas

Evotech da l’opportunità a tutti i designer appassionati e non al mondo delle 2 ruote di vedere su strada la propria idea.


Tema del concorso è lo studio del design di un nuovo serbatoio di alimentazione per pompe freno. Un elemento fondamentale ed al tempo stesso notevolmente impattante sull’estetica della moto. 

Gli elementi che dovranno essere obbligatoriamente presenti nel vostro progetto, oltre al contenitore del fluido, dovranno essere:  

  • il contenitore del serbatoio (in materiale polimerico stampato ad iniezione);
  • il supporto (in materiale metallico o composito);
  • portagomma con diversi orientamenti;
  • una guarnizione a soffietto o similare che separi il liquido dall’aria;
  • il tappo serbatoio con tipologia di fissaggio a piacere.

I requisiti invece:

la capacità del serbatoio dovrà essere di 65 ml con segnata quella minima di 15 ml e massima di 45 ml. 

Ma chi è Evotech? 

Evotech è un’azienda trentina che progetta e realizza, per il mercato motociclistico, componenti aftermarket dall’alto contenuto tecnologico ed estetico. Grazie ai più di 3mila metri quadri di edificio, Evotech, progetta e produce direttamente in sede. Il cliente, volendo, può essere seguito ed assistito al 100% durante la fase di acquisto, montaggio e manutenzione del proprio prodotto. Da pochi anni l’azienda ha fatto nascere un nuovo marchio, BREVO, che fa parte del proprio “racing department” nel quale si progettano e producono integralmente telai per moto da competizione come per la Pre Moto3, Moto3 e Moto2 (coming soon). 

Modalità e Tempi 

Le tavole (non c'è un limite), in formato .pdf, dovranno rappresentare i disegni tecnici del prodotto, almeno una renderizzazione e una tavola di presentazione del progetto. Tutto il materiale dovrà essere consegnato entro la data del 18-01-2020 alla mail callforideas@evotech-rc.it


Il progetto vincitore verrà valutato dai tecnici Evotech entro il 30-01-2020 secondo i parametri di: fattibilità, innovazione estetica, usabilità e costing. 


Evotech mette in palio 500€ iva inclusa per il miglior progetto e citazione del nominativo nell’eventuale registrazione del design, mentre l’idea del secondo e terzo classificato verrà prodotta con la stampa 3d e consegnata ai rispettivi assegnatari. Non vi saranno ulteriori vincoli di royalties nel caso di messa in produzione con conseguente vendita.

Consigliamo di iscriversi al call for ideas mandando una mail a callforideas@evotech-rc.it con riportato:

  • nome e cognome;
  • data di nascita;
  • come si è venuti a conoscenza dell'opportunità;
  • se si è studenti (di quale facoltà) o lavoratori (che tipo di lavoro e dove).

triumph street triple rs 2020

Here we are! We have completed the customization of a fabulous motorcycle!! The Triumph Street Triple Rs model year 2020! For this model we have produced a large list of accessories that includes: bar ends, ergal nuts, paddock stands bobbins, fuel cap, oil filler cap, license plate holder, chain adjuster, anti-shock frame sliders, brake lever and fork protectors. You can find this products in this website!


brake lever guard

The new Evotech brake lever guard is a product derived from the racing world allows an axial regulation along the handlebar in order to avoid a collision of your hand against the guard. There is also a regulation up to 18mm toward driving direction and of course the regulation around the handlebar. The product is available for 14 - 16 mm handlebars and customizable in the colors.


Evotech gives you the possibility to customize the products you have in your cart (like numbers or words) only with a small surcharge. Furthermore it is possible, depending on the size of the product, to engrave small graphics. Contact us for more informations!

EICMA 2019

You can find us at EICMA 2019 from 5th to 10th of November at Booths 11 Stand E11, guests of Larsson Italia


brevo ranking

Exceptional results for the CIV 2019 Championship constructor standings. Ranked third! definitely satisfied of our motorcycle!