EVOTECH's site can calculate the total amount of the shipment cost in relation to the destination and the total weight of the products that you have in you basket.

The value of the spedition will be showed only after you have selected one or more items and choosed an address for the spedition. The cost of shipment depends by the destination so you should be logged with your account to see it.
All the spedition leave by GLS Executive that guarantee the delivery in 3 days on all Italian territory and max 6 days for the foreign countries.

Before to send the order please check with care your destination adress.
EVOTECH s.r.l. will never ask you money for mistakes made by our staff, but if your adress is wrong, additional costs could be added to the total amount.
The forwarding company will ask you a sign for the receipt of the goods and they don't accept appointment for delivery. They don't work saturday and sunday.
Whenever you are not in home when the delivery comes, you will find a ticket with the contact of the forwarding company in your post mall. Call them to prenote the delivery.

All our shipment are safe! In case the package comes damaged or never comes, EVOTECH will send you your items again for free. Please comunicate us if you have any trouble.

Normally we can ship your order in a couple of days.

SHIPMENT IN UE COUNTRIES (Republic of San Marino too)

All our price are in EUR. 21% VAT is always to be added to price of products and to shipping charges for private customers only .
Firms with a regular VAT Number will pay the price without Italian VAT, (not taxable ex art. 41, not taxable ex art. 71 only in San Marino). After the delivery they will pay the VAT in the destination country.


Our site can calculate the shipment cost only for some country. If you live in other country please send us an e-mail and we reply you with the shipment cost for your destination.


0-4 Kg 10 EURO + 22% VAT
4-10 Kg 15 EURO + 22% VAT
10-20 Kg 18 EURO + 22% VAT